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Mentoring the parkour business community

Turn your 10 year dream into a 3 year plan.

You love Parkour.

You are an Expert with years of Coaching experience. It only makes sense to do what you love on your own terms, so you have decided to open a Parkour Gym.

Just like your Parkour training and Coaching are skills you must learn, so too is running a business. You may lack experience, but not the access to resources or Will. You must learn to run your business so it does not run you. Not everyone is wired to be an Entrepreneur, especially at the start. Don't become part of the  50+% of businesses that fail in their first year. 

Welcome to Parkour Business 101

It's the Wild Wild West for Parkour Gyms. There are opportunities to be had, sharing the passion we have for Parkour, but information to start a gym is scarce and mistakes can be expensive. Starting a Parkour Gym or Program can be a difficult and costly endeavor. You need a path to follow from a Mentor who has already built a gym and learned from the mistakes along the way. The same way your students have learned from you.




Sometimes you need the advice of a Mentor to help get started, plan your next move, or take your Programs to the next level. Talk to the Professor himself.



Gain access to proven business systems and programs to help you run your business with confidence. These systems run gyms with up to 800 members in 9 Programs.



Have the heart but need some help? Partner with the professor himself. To be the best we have to work with the best. Schedule a free consultation and see if a partnership is right for you and your gym.

Meet your professor