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Mentoring the parkour business community

Turn your 10 year dream into a 3 year plan.

You love Parkour.

You are an Expert with years of Coaching experience. It only makes sense to do what you love on your own terms, so you have decided to open a Parkour Gym.

Just like your Parkour training and Coaching are skills you must learn, so too is running a business. You may lack experience, but not the access to resources or Will. You must learn to run your business so it does not run you. Not everyone is wired to be an Entrepreneur, especially at the start. Don't become part of the  50+% of businesses that fail in their first year. 

Welcome to Parkour Business 101

It's the Wild Wild West for Parkour Gyms. There are opportunities to be had, sharing the passion we have for Parkour, but information to start a gym is scarce and mistakes can be expensive. Starting a Parkour Gym or Program can be a difficult and costly endeavor. You need a path to follow from a Mentor who has already built a gym and learned from the mistakes along the way. The same way your students have learned from you.




Sometimes you need the advice of a Mentor to help get started, plan your next move, or take your Programs to the next level. Talk to the Professor himself.



Gain access to proven business systems and programs to help you run your business with confidence. These systems run gyms with up to 800 members in 9 Programs.



Have the heart but need some help? Partner with the professor himself. To be the best we have to work with the best. Schedule a free consultation and see if a partnership is right for you and your gym.

Meet your professor

No plans availableOnce there are plans available for purchase, you’ll see them here.

Justin Taylor


Established Coach

20 years of gymnastics/parkour coaching. Training Athletes from basic beginners all the way to Olympians.

Pro Athlete

2x Ninja Warrior Regional Finalist, California State Diving Champion, Varsity Cheer National Champion, and 8th place finisher at the AIL World Finals.

5 years running a successful parkour gym from a 50k startup to near 800 members.

Professional athlete and performer booking through the help of Firestorm's sister company.

West Coast Parkour Championships: 3 hosting gyms, and over 300 participating athletes in its first season.

Parkour Professor knows what it takes to transition from being an Athlete and Coach and making the leap to starting your own Parkour Gym. 

Join the class

Memberships & Partnerships


Select the plan you're most interested in to get started for free.

In order to run an efficient gym that is a business for you, and not just another job, you need to have effective systems in place for your team to follow. Our systems are used to efficiently run a gym with over 30 Coaches and 800 students!



+30 Minute Free Intro Consultation

Ability to Purchase Existing Class Programs and Gym Systems

Includes Explanations of how Implement & Run Systems

 Access to Firestorm's Systems List

Sometimes going it alone may not be the right choice. Parkour Professor is always looking to partner, mentor, and help grown small programs with the desire to be more and do more. If you have the drive and tenacity, we have the knowledge and skill sets to create a beautiful and beneficial long term partnership.

+30 Minute Free Intro Consultation

Full Access to Justin Taylor 24/7/365 for Consultations

Unlimited Access to Firestorm's Programs/Systems/Training

 Unlimited Access to Coach, Manager, Talent Agency, Media Mentors

 Access to WCPKC Systems & Info for Competitions

 Work hands on with Prof. Justin to grow your business

It can be tough to know what the right call is when starting or working to improve your gym. Consult with an expert who has already traveled that path and can give you expert advice.

One 60 Minute Skype Consultation Per Month

+30 Minute Free Intro Consultation

Access to Gym Owner, Manager, Coaches, Media Guru, etc

Still figuring out your game plan? Take the first step forward with our free content.

Use our free content to gain additional knowledge on your Parkour Gym adventure. With a Free Membership you can check your account for exclusive free content.
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